Technology in Careers

These are some career listings that I am interested in pursuing some day. I have included the title of the position, the location, the URL of the position listing, the required knowledge of software and technology, and how I might not qualify for the position yet but what I plan to do to get the experience that I need.

  1. Associate Editor
  • Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group
  • This job posting does not have a recommended list for software, technology, or digital skills that might be required and I think that is a problem on their part because they should make it aware to people the type of technology that is used within their work area.
  • This position is one I would apply for later in life after gaining more experience within the editing and publishing field but I thought it would be interesting to look at what I should do to start building up to this kind of career. I would need a minimum of four years of editorial experience in publishing. I would need to cultivate my marketing and communication skills more because they are heavily relied on for this position. I intend to gain the editorial skills through internships and the communication and marketing/advertisement skills through college courses similar to these. Also, for this position—and many others—I would have to move, which is something I have to think about for my future.
  1. Writer and Editor of Digital Media
  • Calvin College
  • Extensive knowledge of Calvin college’s brand platform, familiarity with all major social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), knowledge of YouTube are all digital requirements for this position. They also stress that impeccable writing skills is a must. SEO and SEM knowledge is also required.
  • They recommend three to five years of experience, which is something I do not have. It does say that it can be a combination of education and experience. So it would be a possibility to continue with these course and then move onto an internship after graduation then moving on to this position.
  1. Web Editor
  • Voca
  • The only listed requirement for technology is the ability to web-branding style and we-friendly style of writing. Knowledge of Sitecore 8 is preferred.
  • The qualification required are solid writing skills, which is something that I believe I already possess. But it also recommends experience in content management systems. This is not something I know how to do, and while we do gain slight knowledge of it in class I think I would have to go out of my way to get even more experience working with it outside of school, perhaps in an internship.
  1. Digital Content Editor
  1. Creative Project Manager
  1. Multi Media Advertising Consultant
  • Knowledge of SEM, SEO, Social, Display, Email, OTT, CRM, integrated revenue of Television plus Digital
  • I am lacking in the experience I would need in business sales and the knowledge in the software and technology I would need to know. I think my future class would cover the knowledge of the software and technology but I’m not certain how I would get the experience in business sales. It’s something I could take additional class in to better bust my chances of getting into positions like these, but I wouldn’t take these classes until after I graduated with my degree first
  1. Jr. Copy Editor
  1. Diagnostic Technical Writer/Editor
  1. Proofreader/ Copy Editor
  • Apex Systems
  • For this position all that it says is that additional experience in related tech industries are a plus.
  • It said a degree in English is preferred so that is something that I would qualify for so far. However, seven to ten years of experience in proofreading. I am going to have to spend a lot of time proofreading in an internship or another entry-level job that will provide that kind of experience for me.
  1. Document Editor (PDOCS) Specialist

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