Concerns about Social Media in my Future Workplace

Before this class I would have considered myself an avid social media user. However now I’m not sure that is a statement that truly applies to me. Sure, I often check Instagram and Twitter multiple times a day but that does not mean I’m prepared to take social media into the workplace. After looking at the content of my social media platforms, the post frequency, and the overall habits and practices I have it became apparent that I definitely still have much to learn about social media pertaining to the workplace. And honestly I am glad that I was able to have my eyes opened to this fact now so I can work towards mending it.

Something that I am nervous about, and have been wondering for a while now, is exactly how social media will be used in my future career. Unlike many others in this class I do not plan on going into Ad/PR. I’m on the track to having a career in publishing. And while I do believe that there are going to be many aspect of Ad/PR that can and will present themselves in my future, I’m not sure in exactly what practice or form to expect them. All I know is that I feel like learning these things will help me in the future. Being able to know how to look who is buying books on our market and analyzing demographics using the knowledge I have learned about the different platforms in the course is something that I think will prove extremely valuable. I think I can still benefit form learning more, and in more depth, about analytics and the various platforms that are available to me so I can bring them into my workplace and have the confidence to know that I am using them correctly, and if need be, I could provide assistance to other using them. Continuing on with these classes and utilizing the knowledge I have already learned—and building on it—is how I am going to be able to accomplish these things.

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