Social Media in My Future

I think in the past it was easier to avoid being involved with social media. However, now a day there is really no getting around becoming a part of the network. When I was in high school my parents strongly discouraged me from having any kind of social media. At the time I was very angry that they felt the need to limit me in such a way. But looking back, I realize it was because they didn’t know any thing about the various platform and they were hesitant because they didn’t want it to have a negative effect on my future or me in any way. I can honestly say that I didn’t create my Instagram until my senior year of high school, and my Facebook was only created my freshmen year of college because my sorority told me it was how they communicated so I would need to create one.

Now, I couldn’t imagine not having any of the social media platforms that I have. And I’m not the only one, there are 2.8 billion people actively using social media worldwide. I just think that is how society has become accustom to relaying any and all information that they need to pass along. But why wouldn’t people use these outlets to spread information. On Instagram more than half (around 57%) visit the site daily. Every day multiple people are checking this platform. And honestly, those who are checking it everyday are probably checking it multiple times in a day as well.

It isn’t just being used among younger generation either, for Facebook the highest percentage—being 31%--is in the age demographic for people thirty-five to fifty-four. And it doesn’t surprise me at all. This kind of wide spread involvement is what spurred the start of other platforms as well.

The existence of social media platforms that are dedicated purely to business and careers is something that the popularity of other platforms has brought about; the most popular one being LinkedIn. It has over one million people using the platform to publish. That is so many jobs and connection in the work place. Instead of creating Facebook pages and groups of people with similar (which force you to awkwardly direct message people if you are intent on learning more information and cultivating connections) LinkedIn provides a platform where people know its what they’re going to get. I think this is one of the best ways that social media can help me in my future as well. When fifty-seven percent of companies have a LinkedIn page how could anyone not get involved with the platform?

Being an English major and wanting to go into publishing I think my future in regards to social media will be slightly different then others. I think I will have to depend on the popularity of Twitter and Facebook to look for tends in reading habits and popular cultural themes. Being able to reach out to people via social media platforms is going to be essential as well. But knowing that social media platforms such as Facebook are reaching upwards of a million viewers a month is something that I will need to know and utilize to know that I am reaching the right audience with my marketing and knowing that is probably where I can find a vast majority of statistics on demographics as well. It is all something to take into consideration in a society that focuses so heavily on social media.

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